Things You Will Learn in Your First Driving Lesson

Taking a driving lesson from the professional driving instructor is essential to become a confident, skilled, and a safe driver. If you are taking driving lessons for the first time, then it is quite obvious to get curious about what will happen in the session.

This article will give you an idea of what you can expect from the first driving lesson.

How Long Will Be the First Driver Training Session?

The initial driving session for new drivers will be a 60-minute lesson where the accredited driving instructor will assess the driving competency level of the candidate.

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What will happen on the first day of the driving lesson?

  • Based on the observation, the driving instructor will make a plan to work towards the license test.
  • Along with it, he will explain the competency rating system and driving progress card to your supervisor/ parent. This is done to help them keep a track of the progress and develop safe driving skills. It will make them prepared to pass the license test.
  • Your driving parent or supervisor will be present with you on the first lesson to help in smooth execution of the session.
  • This one-hour learning session will be counted for 3 hours towards the 120-hour logbook requirement.

What Will I Learn on The First Learner Driver Lesson?

In this one-hour session, a candidate is going to learn a combination of practical and theoretical on-road components. In the first session, the learner will sit on the passenger seat, to begin with, and the instructor will take him to the proper place to teach the basics.

It is structured in a way to provide an ideal learning experience to the candidate. The first driving lesson is a good way to develop the essential decision-forming skills to assist the learner to stay safe on the road.

You are going to learn the following things on your first driving session:

  • Proper closing of doors
  • Comfortable seated position
  • Properly established steering position
  • The right way to wear Seatbelts
  • Adjustment of mirrors
  • About Cockpit drill
  • Ways to work with controls such as clutch, gears, accelerator, handbrake, indicator, and leg brake

How to Prepare for The First Driving Session?

Before you attend your first driving lesson, here are the tips that you should follow to get the most out of your session.

  • Get good sleep
  • Don’t consume alcohol the night before the session
  • Have breakfast
  • Remember the place and time to meet the driving instructor for the session
  • Carry a pair of comfortable and anti-slip shoes
  • If you wear spectacles, then do carry them
  • Fees in the form of cheque/ cash for the lesson
  • Your provisional license
  • Be punctual. Arrive at the venue on time. If you get late, your session would not get extended. So, value your money and time, and be there at the scheduled time.
  • Some driving instructors will ring the doorbell of your house when they arrive at your place while others will wait for you in the car. So, make sure you check with the instructor about how they will notify you of their arrival.


Driver training sessions help develop safe driving skills in learners. It will take you beyond the fundamental test competencies. Whether you are a learner or an experienced driver, driving lessons are the best ways to learn road rules and valuable practices.