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Affordable Hotels near Airport – Lion City’s Top Ten

Whenever we want to travel, we will always worry about our stay. As such, we will look at the cleanliness and comfort in the hotels. But, these are not the only things to consider. They also need to be affordable. In most countries, the hotels which are easily accessible to the airports are costlier. The Lion City is not exceptional! With the expats in mind, our company One Visa  performed some research and came up with the list of affordable hotels near Airport in the island city. Continue reading to know more…

  1. Crowne Plaza:

This is the closest and the best one near the country’s airport. I would say this is more conveniently linked to the airport by an AC bridge. This is featuring some luxurious rooms with internet facilities. Though it might look expensive, you can get rooms at $188 through right booking.

  1. Park Avenue:

This is rightly built in the center of the Business Park and is coming with the hotel. This is also offering unlimited access of interest for zero costs. I would say this is business oriented and is more suitable for business travelers.

  1. Village Hotel:

Once you are in airport, you could reach this quite easily by utilizing the free shuttle service. Besides this, you could enjoy two pools in the hotel along with the other facilities like wellness center and spa with ten percent discounts.

  1. Capri By Fraser:

This would just take seven minutes to reach by taxi and is containing rooms with internet connectivity. You can also enjoy the gym and food facilities all through the day. It would cost you just $165 for a night in this hotel.

  1. Changi Cove:

Here, you could have a cultural pleasure with restored classical buildings. The hotel is found to be surrounded by a vast area of green vegetation which would offer a scenic attraction. It would take just twelve minutes to reach by taxi.

  1. Champion Hotel:

This is an economic hotel in the country which is located in ‘Joo Chiat’. The rooms would offer the clients with Television and Wi-Fi facilities. This, which is taking around thirteen minutes to reach, would cost you only $63 for a night.

  1. Venue Hotel:

This will take you to the historical times with its polished interiors and colors from the famous ‘Peranakan’ period. This is cosy with all the rooms in distinctive color schemes. You would just require $52 for a night here.

  1. Le Peranakan:

This is a stylish Chinese-styled one with ancient arts and relics all around. The interiors are with dark wooden colored accents and colors. You could enjoy a range of local delicacies here.

  1. Hotel 81:

This is a part of a group of hotels and is located to the center. We could enjoy lots of eateries and shopping at shops here.

  1. Wanderlust:

This, which is in Little India, would take about thirty minutes from the airport. This is found to be a boutique residence with twenty nine guest rooms. You can enjoy the historic feel here.


Start Tadoba Accommodation Business and Cater To A Huge Guest Footfall

Tadoba is a place to invest at. The place offers tremendous business opportunities for those who want to invest in the hotel and recreation sector.

Tadoba, a wildlife reserve, is located at the eastern edge of Maharashtra, in the district of Chandrapur. The place is a renowned tourist spot due to its rich set of flora and fauna. Here, you will get to site endangered species and different plants. More importantly, the place is known to house the largest number of tigers in the country. It is an ecological paradise; a place that mixes the tranquility of nature, with the perfect culmination of pristine beauty. Investing in hotel or restaurant industry can reap in great results, if managed properly.

Investing in the Hotel Business

If you are planning to invest capital in the hotel business at Tadoba, the first thing to do is contact the forests department. If you can grab proper channels in the Maharashtra Government, scenarios would become easier. Coming through proper channels of Maharashtra Government will make it easy to approach the forest department. You need to place the proposal and planning before the forest department. Remember, getting an approval will never be instant. In fact, the forest department will check your background and go through certain proceedings before enlisting your name. If you plan to open a restaurant, similar procedures need to be followed. Also, there is no provision to own a land in regions surrounding the Tadoba National Park. You can, however, take land on lease or rental basis from the forest department. The entire area falls under the forest department. Without their approval, you simply cannot even pluck a flower from the zone.

Accommodation Options at Tadoba

The range of quality accommodation options at Tadoba is limited to a few. Earlier, there were only a couple of private Tadoba National Park resorts. They charged abnormally high for a night’s boarding. Only a year back, the Maharashtrian Government, collaborated with the forest department to open some affordable accommodation facilities at Tadoba. They have opened a couple of eco-huts, dormitory and resorts. However, the total number is still limited, compared to the high tourist presence the area experiences every year. If you can open a chain of quality accommodation options, with quality dining facilities at affordable rates, you stand a chance to flourish in the business.

If you want to achieve success in the hotel and restaurant industry, never compromise on the quality of the services being offered. Also, you should offer excellent hospitality to the guests. Employ local people to earn their trust. This would also help in easy promotional campaigning of your brand. Also, you must maintain the hygiene, i.e., cleanliness of the area, with immediate effect. You should also ensure the best of security to the guests. These are the basics to make your business work through a positive note.


Do Something Different, Charter a Private jet and be off on an Adventure

It happens to everyone: We get stuck in a routine, and our mundane lives get monotonous and boring. Sometimes life gets to busy to enjoy, and we forget to have fun and try new and exciting things. If you’re trapped in a rut and are looking for something to spice up your life, wait until you hear this: Take a private jet ride. Before you dismiss the idea, thinking it’s too outrageous or that it’s way out of your price range, know that private jet charter prices can be affordable and can work their way into many budgets. Plus, chartering a private jet or plane is a thrilling experience you won’t often have the opportunity to enjoy. Do something different today and head to the skies with your loved ones, friends or colleagues and see what you’ve been missing.

Nothing Quite Like it

 Many people have gotten onto a crowded airplane and flown to a desired destination for a vacation. Others have done the same for business reasons. While this mode of travel is usually done out of convenience as a way to save time and make your trip more efficient, unless it’s your first time, the flight itself is rarely the highlight of the tip. However, when you take advantage of private jet charter prices and get aboard an aircraft alone with your invited guests, you experience something entirely different. In this setting, you’re free to converse as you wish and enjoy your company in a way you’ve never done before.

Make it Quick or Make it Last

 If you’re a spontaneous person, you might have the inkling to check the latest private jet charter cost and hop on board for fast ride. Maybe you’re only looking for a couple of hours in the air simply to see what it feels like to be aboard a private craft with no other passengers. Or maybe you and your sweetheart want several hours alone to enjoy a memorable flight. In either scenario, you have options. You typically find chartered private flights that last as few as two hours or as many as 10 or more.

Experienced, Skilled Personnel

 You may not only be worried about private jet charter prices, but you may also be nervous that the pilot and other personnel are something less than what you’d find piloting a larger plane. Rest assured that the pilot of your private craft will have ample experience and training to ensure that your flight is safe and enjoyable. You can the peace of mind that you’ll be in good hands while in the air. Knowing this, you can take in the entire experience and bask in the exhilaration.

Ride in Comfort

 Your private jet ride will be a treat for many reasons, not the least of which is that you’ll have an excellent meal and access to delicious in-flight snacks. Your seats will be comfortable, and a flight attendant will ensure all of  your needs and expectations are met throughout the flight.

Private jet charter prices can allow you to finally mark taking a private plane right off your bucket list. Book your flight today.

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3 Reasons Why Passenger Coach Buses Are Better Than Hailing A Taxi

It is the time of the year everyone has been waiting for; it is vacation season. After strenuous hours in the office it is now time to take the long awaited summer vacation with family. There are many factors to consider to ensure one’s break from work is of the utmost quality because even your family is involved. This includes adequate allocation of time during vacation to see the best sites, the utilization of the best available methods of relaxation, and utilization of the best possible deals for travel especially if you’re travelling with the family. During travel time, one does not want to be hindered with issues of mobility.

Thus, it is important to consider a rental car service that meets all your car rental requirements to ensure quality and affordable transportation while travelling. One must be mindful that rental cars are much better than hailing a taxi. But which one and why? While there are a lot of options when it comes to renting a car, but, when you’ve a big family travelling with you the spacious passenger coach buses are the best alternatives.

Here goes the reasons.

  1. Accessibility

Passenger coach buses eliminate the burden of guessing while travelling by providing easy accessibility. Hailing a taxi is not always an easy task because taxis have limited space, whereas, your family might be bigger. In fact, individuals often have to compete for the usage of taxi services which surely proves to be an embarrassment when you’ve your family along with you. “Catching” a taxi can take time and time is precious when you have very limited time to enjoy. Whereas, with the usage of family size buses from a reputed rental car service there is a consistent, non-competitive transportation device available whenever needed. Rental cars simplify the process of travelling; when using a rental car for going to and from a desired destination. All you need to do is get in the car and bravo, you are ready for the ride!

  1. Cost-effective option

Secondly, using a rental car can be more cost effective than using a taxi. Assuming that your family size is big, you’ve to hire more than two taxi for the same trip. Needless to say, the expense will be more. However, hiring a coach bus for your big family from rental cars services can cut down on the need for a second vehicle.  In addition, rental buses and cars are purchased with a flat rate for a day. Furthermore, often rental car services include a discount for multiple days of service. However, taxi services require a fee for each ride. This could add up after seeking the provision of taxi services numerous times in one day.

  1. Privacy

Lastly, when driving a rental bus one does not have to have anxiety about the intrusion of other people. When one uses a rental bus only individuals he/she desires communication with are able to participate in the transportation experience. During a travel experience, privacy should not be an area of concern. Use rental car services to ensure that privacy is maintained. Privacy is merely one of numerous factors that make using rental cars services better than using taxi services.

After hours of packing and planning one wants to spend time enjoying the vacation and not worrying about which transportation services to use. Put vacation anxiety to rest by using rental cars. One will certainly be happy with the simplicity of using a rental car service. When researching transportation services remember rental cars are easily accessible, cost effective, and private. These are a sound argument for the superiority of rental cars over taxis. During the summer vacation season, have safe travels by using rental cars.


An Exciting Atlanta Vacation

It’s important to take a vacation every so often to recharge your batteries and spend time with your family. If you’re looking for the best deals for vacation in Atlanta, you may want to consider purchasing a vacation package. A package can be a good choice if you’re looking to save money while receiving a few special promotions at the same time!

Packages for Summer

 Summer is a very popular time to travel, and there are many things to do in Atlanta during these months. You may enjoy golfing, spa treatments, beach visits or hiking excursions. If you choose a summer package, you can receive a discount on your nightly lodging, depending on how many nights you choose to stay. In addition to these daily savings, you’ll also be treated to a resort credit card. The more nights you stay, the more resort credit funds you’ll receive.

Packages for Fall

 Are you planning on traveling in early September through mid-November? If so, you may want to take advantage of a fall getaway package. Some of the best deals for vacation in Atlanta take place in the fall, and fall is a lovely time to explore nature’s beauty and experience exquisite seasonal dining options. Similar to the summer package, the fall package includes nightly discounts and resort credits, depending on the length of your stay.

Packages for Golfers

 Both experienced and novice golfers can enjoy vacation golf packages in Atlanta. There are a variety of packages to choose from, and they are available most times of the year. Choose from unlimited golf or a round of golf daily. Enjoy updated accommodations in a cottage, vacation property or villa. Some packages even include gear such as hats and golf balls.

Packages for Special Events

In addition to the great seasonal and golf packages available, your family may also enjoy several special events packages. These unique vacation bundles are available at different times of the year. Fitness enthusiasts can enjoy package deals when participating in various marathons, half-marathons and triathlons. Families can get into the spirit of the holidays with a holiday lights package that includes tickets to the lights, accommodations, breakfast and a holiday ornament.

Some of the best deals for vacation in Atlanta are packaged deals. Packages are a great way to add a little more fun to your vacation. Package vacation deals often contain lodging discounts, gift cards and special amenities, all while saving you some money in the process.


Kerala Backwater Tour – Travel Happy, Travel Light

Splendid coastline and serene network of 44 rivers together form the unique aspects of this green state. Life and almost all the tourism aspects seem to be centered on the picturesque waterways in Kerala. Of all the charming Kerala tours, a long trip to the wonderful backwaters of Kerala is highly frequented. Tourists from all over the world prefer this trip and explore various hill stations, spice plantations, bird sanctuaries, backwaters and attractions like Padmanabha Swami Temple, Shri Chitra Art Gallery, St. Francis’ Church, Dutch Palace, Chinese Fishing Nets and Kathakali Dance Show etc.

Backwater tour in Kerala usually starts with Trivandrum – the capital city of Kerala. After exploring the most ancient and rich Hindu temples here, one can head towards Kovalam by a houseboat. This activity takes you to the vast Vembanad Lake and lets you enjoy the true pleasure of spending holidays on waters. These luxurious houseboats or Kettuvalloms takes you to Thothapali & Kumarakom. It is the best way to have a closer look at the daily life of the villagers living along the backwaters LEH LADAKH TOUR Package .

There is a lot to explore in Kumarakom including lakes, canals, paddy fields and most importantly – Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. Darters (snake birds), night herons, egrets, Siberian storks, golden backed woodpecker, crow pheasant, white-breasted water hen, tree pie etc. are some of the highly spotted colorful birds in Kumarakom. Wildlife enthusiasts can next move to the dense greens of Periyar. South India’s most popular Wildlife Sanctuary – Periyar is set amidst aromatic spice plantations. Therefore, it offers thrilling jungle safaris for the wildlife freaks and relaxing nature walks for the peace lovers. Periyar is a place to cruise on the lake and click tigers, leopards, elephants, bison (gaur), antelopes, sambhar, wild boar, money and a wide variety of birds as well.

Munnar – a popular hill stations in Kerala – lets you enjoy tranquil peace and world’s highest tea estates over hundreds of kilometers. Eravikulam National Park in Munnar is an ideal place to spot Nilgiri Tahr. Otherwise you can spend your day at leisure. Lastly, we can head towards Cochin – the popular historical sea trade centre of south India. This is the ideal place to explore Jewish synagogue, Portuguese churches, architecture, mosques, temples and Chinese fishing nets. Moreover, one can enjoy the live performance of popular classical dance ‘Kathakali’ while enjoying delicious south Indian dishes in the evening.

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Encourage Dubai Cruises for Team Building Activities

An increasingly innovative approach for team building activity is to plan a tour abroad. Team buildings help to maximize bonding and make them more productive, which ultimately is beneficial for every business.

If you are planning to take a trip that is focused around relaxation and adventurous activities then Dubai has got everything. It can create a tailored corporate event, which will take care of every employee’s necessities.

Rest & relaxation – Dubai cruise can be a sanctuary for relaxation. Yachts spell luxury in a limited or small space, which makes it easy for everyone to mingle.

Absorb local culture – Visiting an unfamiliar place along with an entire team gives everyone a chance to explore new things together. Travel around Dubai and take part in local cultural activity like Arabic Gulf rhythms and belly dancing. Immerse in local customs and cuisines to create remarkable memories, as a group.

Create dream team – Team building event taken abroad needs to be well-organized. Therefore, it needs proper planning, so that your team is given a huge jab of bonding, motivation, and fresh outlook.

Travelling together to Dubai will augment all the benefits expressed above tenfold. Your team building outing event will create a dream team that stays together in every circumstance.

Enhance creativity – Cruise the Dubai Creek coastline or head for deep sea fishing together on a yacht can be a good change. This alteration in scenery than the regular workplace ambiance can inspire the employees with new perspective and creativity.

Placing the group in relaxed environment, away from the usual stressful situation can produce amazing results through mutual brainstorming.

Builds relationship and boosts morale – The entire team engages with one another on a personal level. At workplace there is no time to build relationships. Cruise packages allow team building activities, where games are conducted. This lets the team to bond together and have fun.

On returning, there will be strong bonding and great understanding between the team. Understanding one another’s personalities can build trust and enhance team morale significantly within the workplace.

Boosts communication – Disconnected employees can get transformed into a unified body, during adventurous water activities. Dubai has picturesque beaches, which makes it a great hub for adventurous sports like kayaking, water skiing, diving, parasailing, banana rides, snorkeling, jet skiing, and fishing.

Being together in totally diverse ambiance opens door for discussions on personal level instead of chatting ‘shop’.

Disclose strength and weakness – Taking deep breath, enjoying fresh sea breeze, and stunning view from the yacht can make everyone feel chatty. It allows you to know the team better and detect their hidden skills not apparent at workplace setting. Thus, you get a fresh insight of each employee’s strength and weaknesses. This can be used to allot tasks more efficiently.

Enhance productivity and performance – The team can come together and identify new ways for developing the company’s processes that can enhance efficiency and push your business forward.

Team building at workplace is not one-time activity. It is a process, which needs consistency and commitment to develop and sustain a healthy team and organization.


Transport Options To Consider in Valencia

Valencia is not a very big place as compared to other vital Spanish and European cities and t hank to the great public transport services; it is extremely easy to roam around. Buses, metro and trams can aid you reach the city centre. All of these services are quite cheap and their official web portals make it easier to understand and navigate.

Taxi and Private Transfer Services

You may also consider hiring taxi and private transfer Valencia service, as it is also a very inexpensive option and very much convenient. You can even browse through the website of the service; add details on the form to acquire quick quotes and you good to go!

Valencia Metro

Metro service in Valencia is very easy to use and modern too: it is a great approach to get around the island. The overhead line is amazing as it links the beach to the northern Valencia. The metro is imperative as it connects the airport as well as the city Port: moreover it is convenient to reach the city.


A tram in Valencia happens to be a great alternative to bus as you can completely avoid being stuck in traffic jams. The cost is very much affordable. If you intend to reach the beach, you can take tram and be there with ease.


You will find the main Valencia bus station which is located at Avenida Menédez Pidal. Bus travel in Valencia is beneficial as you will be able to move around the city very conveniently.

Renfe Trains

The train station in Valencia is the Northern Station and a must see attraction in the Island. It is an incredible example of the modernist’s architecture you will find in the city, specially the train station that has a very straight forward inside layout.

Other Available Options To Move Around In Valencia

Other alternative means to move around Valencia include scooters and bikes. Valencia is a bike friendly place and it is quite common among the tourists using this means of transportation to explore the city. There are several bike lanes along with crossing parks that are located by the beach. You can even rent yourself a bike is also very cheap. If you prefer you do have the scooter options too.

In every case, you may consider the possibility of buying the available Valencia travel card as this would save you money and you will be able to move around the city conveniently.


Few Reasons Why You Must Visit Saint George in Utah During Winters

The best beauty and splendor of the Snow Canyon State Park is during the winter seasons. It is one of the best recreational spots in the Western USA. If you don’t enjoy the snow, then you should try and visit the place in the warmer seasons. It is when the scenery around the place becomes really worth watching.

At the St George Utah RV Park there are plenty of biking trails, where one can travel and enjoy the nature closely. Many people also prefer to do the overnight camping at suitable locations. You will love to click wonderful pictures of the scenery around you.

Children can keep themselves busy by visiting St. George Children’s Museum. This is a place where there is no off-season, as people visit the place for golfing, basking, biking, and hiking, all throughout the year.

Few attractions of St George Utah RV Park during winter seasons are as follows –

  • Golf – There are 10 golf courses available within the radius of just 45 minutes on a car, where you can spend your whole day playing golf. It is one of the longest cart paths of the world. During the winter seasons, you will surely enjoy your time out there, if you carry your golf kit with you.
  • Mountain biking – Many people are simply fond of biking. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, the rocky tracks out there, can be good for everyone. If you are looking for action, then you can always go for biking. It allows you to thoroughly enjoy your time, while checking out the stunning beauty of scenery around the mountain tracks.
  • Snow Canyon – One of the best gifts of nature during winter season is the occasional snowfall that enhances the beauty of the surrounding. During this time usually, crowd is less, and therefore the trails of snow remains undisturbed. You get to take photographs of the nature’s true beauty.
  • Museums – At St George Utah RV Park museums are the major attraction for children. If you are going with your family, then you can leave your children in any one of the museums. Children usually get bored with the outside sceneries, but if you leave them at any of the museum, they will surely find plenty of things of interest. That way you can have them engaged for at least half a day.

Additionally, there are few other activities, especially meant for children that can keep them busy throughout the day. Your children need not expose them to outside climate, which may have plenty of fluctuations throughout the day.

  • Shopping – There are plenty of attractive shopping places and restaurants to check out. You may visit either at Red Cliff Mall or any other premier shops located over there. If you are interested in jewelry or outdoor equipment, you can surely find them at these shopping places.
  • Various events – During winter season, you will get to see many different events that are conducted to keep the visitors engaged. There are different time schedules for different activities, and you can get the updates on their website.

St. George is well known for entertainment as well as for the art centers. When it comes to recreation your choices are practically endlesss.

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4 Money Saving Tips for Your Goa Holiday

If you don’t want to lose your whole savings for your Goa holiday then you must to have a solid plan to perform. Goa is a captivating place; you need to make your plan for spending. Maintaining your funds properly, such that you can enjoy your trip and not end up in debt will be better. The lifestyle in Goa is laidback in reality yet a holiday to Goa can turn out to be quite expensive. Take after these tips to eliminate your expense while in Goa.

  1. You must have an accommodation at an affordable price

Verify that you are dealing with a legitimate and certified travel organization. There may be various skim through which some productive and modest arrangements can be done only for you. Booking hotel in Goa has to be one which is in budget. It is clear that when you are joined with your children, then you must avoid the luxurious type of hotels. If you find good restaurant then you can get good food at a low price also.

  1. You must choose healthy food while travelling

In the event that your agenda incorporates a greater amount of excitement and less of rest, then hop to the beach cabins and hit an arrangement that can offer you food at reasonable deals. This won’t just help to save your cash, however will additionally give you a taste of the traditional flavours. Payment on food should always be done with a card that earns you rewards, so that you can get cash from even on your trip.

  1. You should know where to travel

You should always book your tickets in advance to avoid extra amount of money. The last minute bookings usually require more money to be paid. Travelling in off-season is the best. It is because if you go during festive time or holiday season, you will have to spend more than your budget. Whereas during the off –season, rents are low. The rates of everything accessible in Goa are trekked throughout season time. Off-season plan is overall suited for individuals when they are bound to get a good discount. The fascinating excellence of Goa does not blur away all around the year, in this way you can make the best of your Goa holiday throughout the rainstorm and summers. Cruisers and autos might be enlisted from locals at reasonable rates. For cheap travelling, a cruiser or auto is must, as the general population transport ends their administration at 8 in the night and taxis are exceptionally costly.

  1. You should have knowledge from where you do shopping

Not many shopping complexes are satisfactory; however don’t wind up looking for everything unless required. Shop at flea markets offer reasonable goods and don’t neglect to deal. Shopping at tourists destinations are usually expensive, so purchase what all is necessary.

Goa is one of the best holiday destinations in the whole world. Consequently, rest guaranteed, your holiday in Goa will be soothing to the handle if you follow the budget and not take any loan. To add to the delight, make utilization of the tips above and get a charge out of your holiday to visit Goa. You can also learn more about money saving tips on your Goa vacation by searching the net.