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Affordable Hotels near Airport – Lion City’s Top Ten

Whenever we want to travel, we will always worry about our stay. As such, we will look at the cleanliness and comfort in the hotels. But, these are not the only things to consider. They also need to be affordable. In most countries, the hotels which are easily accessible to the airports are costlier. The Lion City is not exceptional! With the expats in mind, our company One Visa  performed some research and came up with the list of affordable hotels near Airport in the island city. Continue reading to know more…

  1. Crowne Plaza:

This is the closest and the best one near the country’s airport. I would say this is more conveniently linked to the airport by an AC bridge. This is featuring some luxurious rooms with internet facilities. Though it might look expensive, you can get rooms at $188 through right booking.

  1. Park Avenue:

This is rightly built in the center of the Business Park and is coming with the hotel. This is also offering unlimited access of interest for zero costs. I would say this is business oriented and is more suitable for business travelers.

  1. Village Hotel:

Once you are in airport, you could reach this quite easily by utilizing the free shuttle service. Besides this, you could enjoy two pools in the hotel along with the other facilities like wellness center and spa with ten percent discounts.

  1. Capri By Fraser:

This would just take seven minutes to reach by taxi and is containing rooms with internet connectivity. You can also enjoy the gym and food facilities all through the day. It would cost you just $165 for a night in this hotel.

  1. Changi Cove:

Here, you could have a cultural pleasure with restored classical buildings. The hotel is found to be surrounded by a vast area of green vegetation which would offer a scenic attraction. It would take just twelve minutes to reach by taxi.

  1. Champion Hotel:

This is an economic hotel in the country which is located in ‘Joo Chiat’. The rooms would offer the clients with Television and Wi-Fi facilities. This, which is taking around thirteen minutes to reach, would cost you only $63 for a night.

  1. Venue Hotel:

This will take you to the historical times with its polished interiors and colors from the famous ‘Peranakan’ period. This is cosy with all the rooms in distinctive color schemes. You would just require $52 for a night here.

  1. Le Peranakan:

This is a stylish Chinese-styled one with ancient arts and relics all around. The interiors are with dark wooden colored accents and colors. You could enjoy a range of local delicacies here.

  1. Hotel 81:

This is a part of a group of hotels and is located to the center. We could enjoy lots of eateries and shopping at shops here.

  1. Wanderlust:

This, which is in Little India, would take about thirty minutes from the airport. This is found to be a boutique residence with twenty nine guest rooms. You can enjoy the historic feel here.

Holiday Hotel

4 Money Saving Tips for Your Goa Holiday

If you don’t want to lose your whole savings for your Goa holiday then you must to have a solid plan to perform. Goa is a captivating place; you need to make your plan for spending. Maintaining your funds properly, such that you can enjoy your trip and not end up in debt will be better. The lifestyle in Goa is laidback in reality yet a holiday to Goa can turn out to be quite expensive. Take after these tips to eliminate your expense while in Goa.

  1. You must have an accommodation at an affordable price

Verify that you are dealing with a legitimate and certified travel organization. There may be various skim through which some productive and modest arrangements can be done only for you. Booking hotel in Goa has to be one which is in budget. It is clear that when you are joined with your children, then you must avoid the luxurious type of hotels. If you find good restaurant then you can get good food at a low price also.

  1. You must choose healthy food while travelling

In the event that your agenda incorporates a greater amount of excitement and less of rest, then hop to the beach cabins and hit an arrangement that can offer you food at reasonable deals. This won’t just help to save your cash, however will additionally give you a taste of the traditional flavours. Payment on food should always be done with a card that earns you rewards, so that you can get cash from even on your trip.

  1. You should know where to travel

You should always book your tickets in advance to avoid extra amount of money. The last minute bookings usually require more money to be paid. Travelling in off-season is the best. It is because if you go during festive time or holiday season, you will have to spend more than your budget. Whereas during the off –season, rents are low. The rates of everything accessible in Goa are trekked throughout season time. Off-season plan is overall suited for individuals when they are bound to get a good discount. The fascinating excellence of Goa does not blur away all around the year, in this way you can make the best of your Goa holiday throughout the rainstorm and summers. Cruisers and autos might be enlisted from locals at reasonable rates. For cheap travelling, a cruiser or auto is must, as the general population transport ends their administration at 8 in the night and taxis are exceptionally costly.

  1. You should have knowledge from where you do shopping

Not many shopping complexes are satisfactory; however don’t wind up looking for everything unless required. Shop at flea markets offer reasonable goods and don’t neglect to deal. Shopping at tourists destinations are usually expensive, so purchase what all is necessary.

Goa is one of the best holiday destinations in the whole world. Consequently, rest guaranteed, your holiday in Goa will be soothing to the handle if you follow the budget and not take any loan. To add to the delight, make utilization of the tips above and get a charge out of your holiday to visit Goa. You can also learn more about money saving tips on your Goa vacation by searching the net.